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Below are some examples of services we offer. If you are unsure what your vehicle may need or if you have any questions, you can call us and someone will be happy to assist you. To help us serve you better, please be sure to have the vehicles year, make, and model ready and we can give you a estimate for the work you would like performed.


PA State Inspection & Emissions Testing

Don't wait until the last minute! Did you know you may be able to have your inspection performed up to two months in advance? (Example: If your inspection is due in March you could have it done as early as January) Call today and schedule an appointment!


Check Engine Light Diagnosis
That pesky engine light on? Call today to have one of our certified technicians diagnose and repair the issue. With our state of the art equipment and decades of experience your vehicle will be up and running in no time. That goes for any warning light that may illuminate on the dashboard too. Oil light, ABS light, Battery light, if it lights up we know how to turn it off. 


Engine Repairs

From simple maintenance to engine replacement: we've got you covered. Keep spotting oil on your driveway? Call and schedule an appointment and we will tell you exactly where it's leaking from. We don't guess, we diagnose.  


Steering and Suspension Repair
Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Hearing a "clunk" over bumps? Is your ride a little more bumpier then in the past? Most likely some steering and suspension components may be worn out. There's nothing like a new set of shocks/struts to help grip your vehicle to the road!


Brake Repairs

Squealing? Grinding? Screeching? Most likely it's your brakes. While these noises can be irritating, more importantly your vehicle needs to stop. Rotors that are worn too thin, too warped, or glazed over with rust do not provide an ample enough braking surface to help your vehicle stop. This could be the difference between "That was close" or "Hello, AAA?" Call today and let's check your brakes. 

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